IT Insights: Interview with AWS’s U.S. government VP Dave Levy on innovation in the public sector

AWS Vice President for U.S. government, non-profit and healthcare, Dave Levy, talks about building a culture of innovation in the public sector.
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Public sector organizations — from federal, state and local governments to nonprofits and healthcare businesses — are increasingly reaching out to leaders at Amazon asking, “How does Amazon innovate?”

It’s not just because Amazon has established itself as a model for innovation, says Dave Levy, who leads the U.S. government, nonprofit and healthcare businesses at Amazon Web Services (AWS). It’s also because AWS is working with so many public sector organizations to help them innovate, as well.

In this exclusive FedScoop interview, Levy talks about what helps propel innovation at AWS; how AWS has helped federal agencies innovate; and how the cloud is poised to accelerate innovation in the future:

FedScoop: How would you describe the underlying drivers that continue to fuel innovation at Amazon Web Services?

FedScoop: Can you point to examples of how AWS has helped federal agencies apply these principles in their own efforts to better serve citizens?

FedScoop: Looking longer term, what should federal agencies expect to see from AWS that can help them accelerate their adoption of cloud-enabled services?

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This video interview was produced by FedScoop and underwritten by AWS.

This story was featured in FedScoop Special Report: How AWS Helps Government Innovate - Presented by AWS

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