Hybrid IT gives agencies ‘the best of both worlds,’ HPE exec says

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Hybrid IT gives federal agencies “the best of both worlds,” allowing for the efficiencies of public cloud and the security of traditional on-premise IT.

Hybrid IT enables “us to operate as we’re comfortable and often as mission or security requires, and then [also] be able to share that data in a public form,” Jeff Lush, CTO of HPE federal, says in an interview with FedScoop TV.

And moving to such a model isn’t such a huge lift as one might expect.

“The nice thing about hybrid IT is it allows you to operate as you are today,” Lush says. “This notion of being able to rip and replace everything that you have — it just doesn’t work. There’s nothing about it that’s good. It’s costly, it interrupts the flow of business”

Rather, hybrid IT allows agencies to “truly embrace emerging technology but not have to wait around forever” to completely replace legacy systems.

In the end, hybrid allows agencies to avoid the costly interruption and security risks of completely replacing their critical systems while having the flexibility and savings found in modern cloud services, Lush explains.

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