GSA Seeks Commissioner for Supplies, Services


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The General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service is seeking a Deputy Assistant Commissioner for General Supplies and Services.

The job pays between $119,554 and $165,300 per year and is open until March 2.

From the posting:

The Deputy Assistant Commissioner for General Supplies and Services is located in the Office of General Supplies and Services (GSS), Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), General Services Administration (GSA).

The Deputy Assistant Commissioner reports to the Assistant Commissioner for GSS, and serves as the Assistant Commissioner’s senior advisor and manager for all matters pertaining to GSS programs, including policy development, oversight, and program management. In this regard, serves as a full deputy to the senior level point of contact for all GSS activities throughout GSA.Independently provides direction to the subordinate organizations in GSS on matters where the Assistant Commissioner has delegated authority or as otherwise appropriate, including the day-to-day management of the Office of Business Management.

In the absence of the Assistant Commissioner, GSS, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner acts with full authority in all areas of responsibility.

Serves as an advisor to the Assistant Commissioner, GSS, and the Commissioner, FAS, and provides senior level management on all matters pertaining to GSS programs, including policy development and implementation, direction, and oversight of three distinct and separate programs:  Multiple Award Schedule acquisition operations, Global Supply operations, and Personal Property operations.

Supports the Assistant Commissioner with planning and administering all activities of GSS, including the development of overall objectives and long-range plans, organization and operating methods necessary to accomplish program objectives, controlling of financial resources, and preparation of annual program plans and budgets for the Office.

Directly responsible for GSS’s Office of Business Management that plans, directs, and manages program activities relating to strategic planning, financial management, program promotional activities, and functional information technology requirements and support services.

Serves as a senior level point of contact on all GSS activities within GSA and with the public and private sectors, including, but not limited to, coordinating with the following organizations/groups:

– Coordinates with the Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs on matters involving GSS before congressional committees and on the development of proposed legislation for GSS.

– Coordinates with the Office of General Counsel on legal issues and matters involving proposed legislation for GSS.

– Coordinates with the Office of Communications and Marketing on matters involving representation of GSS to the press and public.

– Maintains liaison with other executive agencies, congressional committees, industry, academia, commercial, and scientific establishments to ensure state-of-the-art technology and applications methodology for GSS.

Through program offices located elsewhere in GSA, supports the Assistant Commissioner in the following areas:

– Maintains surveillance and assures the effective implementation of GSS programs.

– Provides leadership with respect to major studies affecting GSS.  These studies are of strategic importance, and help determine the future directions and policies of the agency.

– Provides policy and operating guidance for delivery of services to regional GSS offices. Coordinates with the Regional Administrators and FAS Regional Commissioners on GSS initiatives and program management responsibilities.

– Participates with senior officials within GSA and from other agencies and departments in carrying out GSS strategic planning and acquisition initiatives that have government-wide implications.

Provides leadership, mentoring, and supervision to subordinate directors. Fosters the development of a world-class workforce and facilitates cooperation and teamwork. Entrusts subordinate directors in their day to day activities providing executive level support, guidance, and final approval on all elevated decisions. Provides oversight, direction, and support to subordinate directors to ensure effective management of the organization and employees including: workload, performance, and administrative issues.

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