GSA Printing BPAs Expected to Save $600 Million

The General Services Administration awarded 11 blanket purchase agreements in support of the Federal Strategic Source Initiative Program.

The BPAs will provide reductions to printing, copying, scanning and faxing and is estimated to save the government $600 million over the next four years, GSA said.

“We have been working closely with GSA to implement strategic sourcing programs and change the way the government does business. For too long, the government has purchased as if it were hundreds of medium-sized businesses, rather than the world’s largest purchaser. With this initiative, we are pushing agencies to work together and leverage their spending to reduce costs and improve performance as part of the Campaign to Cut Waste,” said Office of Federal Procurement Policy Administrator Dan Gordon. “The print management initiative is one more step in the right direction and provides us with a tremendous opportunity to cut waste and save money.”

The BPAs were collaboratively developed by 24 agencies with the goal of reducing print costs. All devices provided by the contractors will meet Energy Star standards, accept 100% recycled paper and come preset with default energy and cost savings settings.


“These innovative agreements demonstrate how GSA is leading the way in lowering federal costs and bolstering environmental sustainability in the government,” said GSA Administrator Martha Johnson. “This initiative not only improves the way agencies buy and manage their print and copy devices, it addresses how to change printing behavior and more efficiently use those devices.”

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