GSA governmentwide Adobe contract could save $350M

The General Services Administration has inked a governmentwide deal for Adobe's "data-centric" security and electronic signature software.

The General Services Administration has inked a governmentwide deal for Adobe’s “data-centric” security and electronic signature software.

The deal comes from a modification to software reseller Carahsoft’s Adobe IT Schedule 70 contract to streamline acquisition and reduce duplication, GSA said in a release.

The contract is the latest GSA has signed with a software vendor adhering to the strategic IT purchasing principles of category management and the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act, which call for federal agencies to buy from governmentwide software contracts when possible. GSA believes that the contract, which leverages the collective buying power of the federal government, could save American taxpayers $350 million through tiered discounts to agencies and reduced administrative acquisition costs.

“The offering is a significant step forward in promoting acquisition efficiency and supporting the agency’s goals under category management,” said Mary Davie, assistant commissioner for GSA’s Office of Information Technology Category. “It will help federal agencies protect high value assets, while also supporting faster transition to an electronic government.”


Over the past year, GSA has struck similar governmentwide software deals with Esri and Salesforce.

Like those contracts, this new Adobe agreement “will help agencies better secure their assets, transform legacy systems, and reduce paperwork for government employees while saving taxpayers money,” said Leslie Field, deputy administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. “Streamlined category management offerings will make it easier for government agencies to obtain the best and most current software that government employees need to get the job done.”

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