New app shines light on members of Congress

It’s not just K Street that has Congress in the palm of its hand anymore.

The Government Printing Office released its Congressional Member Guide app for the 113th Congress, which gives mobile device users easy access to information on legislators. The app displays members picture, party, hometown, home state and length of service — all through simple search options.


GPO has been releasing apps since 2011, starting with the Congressional Member Guide App for the 112th Congress and then moving on to develop federal budget apps for fiscal year 2013 and 2014, a presidential documents app and a Plum Book app. GPO has also supported the Library of Congress in its creation of the Congressional Record app.


The newly released app “is a great digital tool for the public to use to learn more about their elected representatives,” Public Printer Davita Vance-Cooks said. “GPO is committed to its role of serving as the official, digital, secure provider of the federal government’s information products and services. As Congress and the public ask for more government information to be accessible in digital and mobile formats, GPO will continue to meet those expectations. ”

The app release comes at the same time GPO released its print version of the directory, a must-read for those interested in knowing who’s who on Capitol Hill.

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