GAO: Critical Infrastructure Needs Continued Attention

Continued attention is needed to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure against cyber attacks, the Government Accountability Office said in a recently-released report.

The report states that, despite recent actions taken, a number of challenges remain to enhance the security of a cyber-reliant critical infrastructure.

GAO recommends:

  • implementing actions recommended by the president’s cybersecurity policy review
  • updating the national strategy for securing the information and communications infrastructure
  • reassessing DHS’s planning approach to critical infrastructure protecting
  • strengthening public-private partnerships, particularly for information sharing
  • enhancing the national capability for cyber warning and analysis
  • addressing global aspects of cybersecurity and governance; and
  • securing the modernized electricity grid, referred to as the “smart grid.”

CYBERSECURITY: Continued Attention Needed to Protect Our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure

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