Federal Laboratory Consortium launches new website introduces a bounty of new tools intended to help businesses utilize federal resources

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer, a network of over 300 government-run labs and agencies that work to make federal technology and expertise available to industry, this week announced the opening of its newly remodeled website,

Sporting a major design overhaul, the revamped interface allows businesses to access federal technologies and facilities, and also facilitates communication between industry professionals and scientists who can offer advice on enhancing commercialization goals.

“The FLC redesigned its website with the goal of making technology transfer accessible,” said Paul Zielinski, FLC chairman. “The importance of technology transfer is underscored by success stories such as GPS and [the HPV vaccine] Gardasil, and the new website offers a knowledge base that we’re confident will lead to even more important innovations reaching the market.”


The cornerstone of the site is the new T2 Toolkit, a quick search service that can scour federal data and connect industry with available federal resources. The toolkit offers a streamlined path to forging lab partnerships and arranging to use scientific equipment.

The site also features an extensive awards gallery and a collection of case studies in technology transfer success stories, as well as an FLC forum that allows 24/7 communication between FLC experts and industry representatives.

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