Federal job search made easier with new OPM apps

In an effort to carry out the White House’s Digital Government Strategy, the Office of Personnel Management has launched new mobile apps, along with open data application programming interfaces for and the Washington, D.C.-area operating status.

The OPM Alert App is the only of its kind in D.C. and gives viewers a live look at the current operating status for federal offices in the capital. With the Operating Status App, users can sign up for notifications of status changes, access an archive of previous status changes, and get the D.C.-area dismissal and closing procedures issued by OPM.

OPM is also trying to make it easier for organizations, specifically federal agencies, to use operating status data to the extent of its ability. OPM is releasing a set of operating status APIs, so organizations can take full advantage of all that operating status data has to offer. The agency is also making job searching in the federal government a whole lot easier.

USAJobs has developed a new Android app and improved an existing iOS app. This app enables users to search and save job listings, receive updates on applications and job search agents — all with their mobile device. OPM is embracing social media by allowing the app users to share what they find on USAJobs through social networking sites or by email.


OPM is also releasing a USAJobs API meant to widen the reach of USAJobs to commercial job boards, mobile apps, and social media outlets that have interest in receiving and promoting federal jobs.

Both of these apps are free, and can be downloaded from several app stores.

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