Federal Employee Health Premiums to Rise 3.8%

The Office of Personnel Management announced premiums for the Federal Employees Health Benefits program will increase 3.8 percent this coming year, roughly half of last year’s 7.3 percent increase.

The plan provides health insurance for more than 8 million people, including 90 percent of federal employees, and is the largest employer-sponsored health benefits program in the United States.

“Our most popular plan is increasing rates by just 1.6 percent, saving money for our employees, and all taxpayers. Other plans also have low rate increases,” said OPM Director John Berry. “This reflects hard work from both sides of the private-public partnership that is the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, a model for the Affordable Insurance Exchanges included in the Affordable Care Act. With an emphasis on preventive medicine and keeping costs low, we’ve been able to deliver quality care at affordable rates. These benefits help us compete for the top talent we need to tackle our nation’s challenges, and they keep our workers healthier and more productive as they serve and protect the American people.”

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