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The Federal Communications Commission is searching for a director of digital strategy.

Salary range is $123,758 to $155,500. Deadline for submissions is July 2. For more information, contact Sheila Shipp at (202) 418-0148 or Sheila.Shipp@fcc.gov or apply here.

From the listing:

The incumbent will be responsible for leading, developing, implementing and overseeing the integrated policies, programs and objectives for the agency’s digital strategy and new media activities. The new media activities may include hardware and software tools such as Web applications; streaming videos; online interactive multimedia programs, mobile technology, podcasting; webcasting social networking, blogging, digital signage and other new and emerging digital social media. Works with the Bureau and Offices within the agency in creating a work environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation; seeking opportunities for growth and change, exploring new ideas, methodologies and alternatives to reach outcomes, introduce new concepts and strategies that significantly improve or revise the way the Agency uses digital technologies and new media. Manages major strategic projects from definition of scope through approach recommendations and final implementation. Develops and provides oversight and direction for short ad long-term planning in setting the Agency’s overall digital strategy for the use of new media. Oversees the Agency’s websites goals which include improving federal data transparency and opening data to the public and to a community of developers that has access to the data. Oversees the analytics by creating and producing analysis and reports regarding trends, preferences and other information on the Agency’s online activities. Directs the development of web-based solutions and products that represent and communicate the mission of the Agency to the public.

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