FCC Readies for World IPv6 Launch Day


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The Federal Communications Commission encouraged web users to prepare for the upcoming transition to Internet Protocol version Six as part of World IPv6 Launch Day, scheduled for June 6, by checking for computer and network equipment readiness.

IPv6 is an upgrade from the current IPv4 system, which will expand available IP addresses from more than four billion to more than 340 undecillion.

“As IPv4 addresses run out, most new websites and online services will have IPv6 addresses that can only be accessed if you have your computer or network equipment is prepared,” wrote FCC Chief Technology Officer Henning Schulzrinne on the FCC blog. “In addition, the performance, reliability and security of the Internet and online services (such as video streaming and IP telephony) may slowly degrade unless most web traffic and network equipment is made compatible with IPv6. Finally, as new IPv4 addresses become harder and harder to get, new businesses, from providers of content and services to new ISPs, will find it more difficult to get started and compete with established firms unless they utilize IPv6.”

The FCC has created an IPv6 Consumers Guide to help users prepare for the transition.

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