FAA names two arrival sequences after 9/11 victims

To commemorate the anniversary of September 11, the Federal Aviation Administration has named two arrival sequences to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to honor those who died, said Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

The sequences contain a series of five-letter waypoints – points in the sky through which an aircraft must fly to remain on course – and together, they spell out messages of support and remembrance for 9/11.

Aircraft flying the Freedom route to National from the northwest pass through waypoints named “WEEEE,” “WLLLL,” “NEVVR,” “FORGT” and “SEP11.”

Those flying the troops route from the southwest pass through waypoints named “USAAY,” “WEEDU,” “SUPRT,” “OOURR” and “TRUPS.”


Depending on the runway configuration, aircraft might also pass through waypoints named “STAND” and “TOGETHER” or “LETZZ,” “RLLLL,” “VCTRY” and “HEROO.”

Each arrival sequence is part of the FAA’s new NextGen descents, which use satellite-based information to make more efficient arrivals and departures at airports.

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