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The Energy Department gives its best “This American Life” impression in new a podcast show dedicated to various stories of how the department helps Americans consume energy.

The department launched “Direct Current” Monday, an NPR-style podcast meant to give its consumers information on DOE’s programs, new forms of energy technology and history about the department itself.

Hosted by Energy content specialists Matt Dozier and Allison Lantero, the pilot show covers “soft costs” related to installing solar panels, how solar is being used in upstate New York and the history around the Energy Department’s creation.

The program pays homage to its NPR inspiration, playfully wondering whether the name of the podcast should be called “This American Lightbulb” hosted by “Ira Fiberglass.”

Podcasts produced by federal agencies have been very sporadic since the medium was created with the advent of Apple’s iPod. There have been various efforts to make podcasts dedicated to everything from agricultural data to volcanoes, but most haven’t been updated in years.

The White House has one of the more robust government podcast libraries, with town halls, speeches and various events hosted by the president and first lady available for download.

You can subscribe to the Energy Department’s podcast through iTunes or watch the the first episode on YouTube below.

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