DOL ups its Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions task orders to 5 worth $887M

Awardee Verizon will develop a secure data and voice network at nearly 1,000 DOL locations.
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The Department of Labor plans to modernize all of its legacy telecommunications and IT services through five Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) task orders worth $887 million awarded to Verizon, the company announced Tuesday.

Verizon will develop a secure data and voice network at nearly 1,000 DOL locations in addition to unified communications, video services and enterprise applications for the department’s approximately 20,000 users.

Initially DOL intended to only issue two task orders on the government’s $50 billion EIS contract for network modernization and was only 77.6% done with its transition off legacy contracts as of Aug. 27, according to a monthly status report from the General Services Administration.

“These awards further solidify our role as the end-to-end digital solutions provider for our government customers,” Jennifer Chronis, senior vice president for public sector at Verizon, said in the announcement. “Our next-generation technology and modernized network services are helping to transform the way DOL serves their constituents, today and into the future.”


DOL’s third EIS task order covers content delivery network services, which Verizon will evolve to create an enterprise cloud environment for implementing infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service.

The fourth task order addresses DOL’s Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Service and the installation of MTIPS ports at the agency’s seven data centers nationwide.

DOL’s fifth task order will support unified communications services for employees, integrating multiple methods like IP-based voice and video services for wireless information exchange.

Work under a previous EIS task order awarded to Verizon has been completed, with the company transitioning DOL’s co-located hosting service requirements off of the legacy Networx contract to reduce IT infrastructure and management costs while providing access to a scalable data center environment for the rest of its modernization efforts.

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