DOD seeks policy planning, security specialist

U.S. Department of Defense

The Department of Defense is looking for an information technology specialist for policy planning and information security. The person would report to the deputy chief information officer at DOD. The job pays between $123,758 and $155,500 per year and is open for applications until July 11.

From the posting:

• Serves as Division Chief responsible for all matters pertaining to cyber security risk management to include oversight of emerging commercial C4I systems with DoD-wide applications to ensure Information Assurance (IA) is designed and implemented successfully.

• Writes and edits policy and guidelines to insure all DoD information systems maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, no-repudiation, and availability that reflect a balance among the importance and sensitivity of the information and information assets; documented threats and vulnerabilities; the trustworthiness of users and interconnecting systems; impact of impairment or destruction to the DoD information system; and cost effectiveness.

• Monitors proposed and newly promulgated Federal legislation, Office of Management and Budget guidance, and other national level policy affecting the DoD IA program.

• Provides advice and assistance in the coordination and management of a wide variety of sensitive and complex projects with IA policy implications.

• Briefs and prepares senior management regarding key decisions and meetings.

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