DISA Releases 2011-12 Campaign Plan

The Defense Information Systems Agency released its 2011-2012 Campaign Plan today to establishing a framework for the organization’s future that focuses agency planning and guides the allocation of resources, outlines the design of DISA’s organizational structure, and the execution of its priorities.

While the plan is only available to DISA employees, the agency released a detailed “Introduction to the Campaign Plan” that hits on the same topics, only in less detail.

“Every part of DISA has an essential role in the execution of this plan. Our partners throughout the Department, elsewhere in the government (foreign and domestic), and in industry have critical roles as well,” wrote Lt. Gen. Carroll F. Pollett, DISA Director, in his campaign intent message. “As we collaborate with our partners to make the transformation and provide essential capabilities, this plan will continue to ensure alignment with the needs of the Department and the nation.”

New to the executive summary is a section addressing the many challenges faced by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the subsequent affect on DISA. The section discusses the steps DISA must take to face these challenges in the current era of fiscal restraint and increasing requirements, the agency said.


DISA 2011-2012 Campaign Plan

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