DHS seeks wearable health tech for staff

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The Department of Homeland Security is seeking wearable technology that could improve the wellness of agency staff and help them to mitigate stress.

In a transaction solicitation issued Tuesday, the department issued a call for solutions that could help staff manage problems before they develop into major concerns.

“Due to the complex mission and associated requirements for employees, DHS personnel often experience significant amounts of stress in their professional and personal lives.”

“Technologies and methods for personnel resilience should focus on providing DHS personnel with a full awareness of the elements that impact wellness, information on latest trends and resources to promote wellness, and tools that will encourage or enable personnel to take proactive, preventive care, identifying and resolving issues before reaching a crisis level,” DHS said in the solicitation.

The solicitation included examples of possible solutions, such as a smart application that gives operational recommendations to agents based on sleep patterns, or other technology that alerts staff when it detects they may be reaching physical limits.

The solicitation is being issued on behalf of DHS’ Science and Technology Directorate and Silicon Valley Innovation Program.

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