DHS Releases FY11 Grant Guide Kit

The Department of Homeland Security released its FY11 grant guidance and application kits on Thursday for 12 department grants totaling more than $2.1 billion.

“In today’s tight fiscal environment, we are maximizing limited grant dollars by setting clear priorities and focusing on the areas that face the greatest risk,” said Secretary Janet Napolitano. “The FY 2011 homeland security grants are focused on mitigating and responding to the evolving threats we face.”

The grants focus on the highest risk cities that continue to face the most significant terrorist threats, while continuing to provide funding to law enforcement throughout the country to prepare for, prevent and respond to terrorist activity.

The 9/11 Commission recommended that homeland security funds be allocated “based strictly on an assessment of risks and vulnerabilities” to focus limited funding in the highest risk areas.


The grant guidance also incorporates feedback from DHS’ state, local, tribal and territorial and private sector partners. You can view a complete list of the available grants here.

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