DHS’ Peter Fonash on cyber risk management

Peter Fonash, chief technology officer, cybersecurity and communications, Department of Homeland Security, discusses cyber risk management in this interview with FedScoopTV.


I think the biggest cyber threat facing government is not from the hacktivists because they generally go after information and try to embarrass organizations and therefore, generally don’t cause harm to physical property or harm to people. And there’s the nation-states but because they are nation-states, they follow certain rules and they are also very aware that there are consequences for their actions. The attribution – we should be able to attribute who took that action and take appropriate reaction to their action. Because of that, they’re constrained in terms of the activities that they can do. Then there’s the criminal element, which is basically out to make money. That criminal element is focused on gaining the opportunities to get more money, and I don’t think they’re a threat by themselves.

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