Davie: 99% of services have transitioned to Networx

Almost 99 percent of services have transitioned to the Networx contracts and only 12 agencies remain on the Federal Telecommunications Services 2001 (FTS 2001) contracts, said Mary Davie, acting commissioner of the General Services Administration’s Federal Acquisition Service.

In a new blog post, Davie said four of the remaining 12 agencies will make the transition this summer.

“In my discussions with agency CIOs and staff, it is clear that we all agree that centralized purchasing of network services saves money, improves service levels, and allows our government to get more for our mission,” Davie said. “What is also clear is that agencies are looking for even more ways to share services and solutions where possible. GSA is committed to providing this kind of support.”

Davie said the federal government has saved about $7.7 billion since 1999 off commercial rates thanks to the FTS2001 and Networx contracts.


She added that over the past few months, her office has been reaching out to industry and agency partners to talk about what part of Networx has been working and what has not.

That information is helping the agency develop the Network Services 2020 Strategy.

“We at GSA will continue to talk with agencies, industry, and our stakeholder community to ensure that our next generation solutions are easier to use, facilitate a faster and smoother transition, and enable government to buy those technologies that transform the way we serve our citizens,” Davie said.

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