Advertisement Gets Some Energy


Federal Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra announced the launch of Energy.Data.Gov that includes 216 datasets and tools gathered from throughout the government to empower citizens to understand energy issues and energy consumption within the government.

Chopra added that by the end of the year the government plans to showcase data on Federal building energy use, prospects for energy efficiency improvements and the government’s energy consumption and costs dating back to 1975, sorted by agency and energy type.

“Whether your interest lies in alternative fuels, electricity generation, managing buildings to be more energy efficient, or trying to better manage energy use in your own home, this platform has the raw material for you to build new products and services that have the potential to deliver our clean energy future,” Chopra wrote on the White House blog. “I look forward to celebrating the birth of a new competitive marketplace for innovative applications powered by open energy data that improve our energy security. Let’s get started.”

Advertisement has also simplified access to challenges, prizes and competitions that relate to energy data, Chopra said.

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