CIO Council releases shared services implementation guide

The Federal Chief Information Officers Council released Tuesday a shared services implementation guide that builds on the shared services strategy released almost a year ago.

The CIO Council report, “Federal Shared Services Implementation Guide,” provides implementation guidance to help agencies move toward a “shared-first culture” and represents the first steps agencies need to take when exploring shared services options.

Said the council:

There are currently multiple opportunities to implement IT shared services governmentwide – a step that is likely to produce significant cost savings or cost avoidance and yield improvements in agency operations. The new fiscal reality being faced by the federal government is continuing to push agencies to innovate with less – a prospect that is much easier to achieve by leveraging shared government services. Consequently, when a shared-first approach is implemented in concert with PortfolioStat reviews, standardized architecture methods, and digital government planning concepts, agencies will have a stronger set of tools by which to innovate with less.


The guide includes a high-level process and key considerations for implementing shared services to achieve organization goals and increase performance. It includes specific steps that should be considered for identifying which shared services can be used along with discussing some of the key challenges agencies can face along the way.

The guide also includes information on Uncle Sam’s List, the new federal shared services catalog.

Chief Information Officers Council Federal Shared Services Implementation Guide

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