Vaughn Noga – 2020

CIO, Environmental Protection Agency

Vaughn Noga has been with EPA since 2008, serving in various roles and placing an emphasis on efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the American taxpayer in what can be a stressful IT environment. The CIO has helped improve telework readiness at EPA, which prepared the agency well for the coronavirus pandemic. Under Noga’s leadership, EPA recently accelerated the adoption of Microsoft Teams and other new technologies that have improved engagement across all levels of the organization. Noga said he has an open-door policy, in addition to offering coffee and lunches with the CIO. “Part of leadership is making sure you provide an environment by which people can talk with you,” Noga said. “I tell people all the time, I don’t want to be the person that walks off the end of the cliff when you had information that could avert that bad decision.”

Philip Reynolds

Written by Philip Reynolds

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