Pritha Mehra

Under the leadership of CIO Pritha Mehra, USPS has identified the top digital systems and platforms it wants to build to innovate quickly. A second priority of Mehra’s is future-proofing the agency’s workforce by promoting digital dexterity, bolstered by a comprehensive, internal learning program issuing “digital badges” in areas like AI, machine learning and data analytics. Mehra also started a “Tech Chat” to promote innovation, encouraging groups of architects and developers to meet whenever and however they want. “Now there’s a place to hang out, there’s a place to develop, there’s a place to ask questions,” Mehra said. “For me, the future of work means getting out of the way and letting the right people connect at the right levels — enabling those connections in many different spaces.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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