Headshot of person/agency from CISA

Jen Easterly

Director, CISA

Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Jen Easterly was recruited to lead the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency at a time when the nation’s cybersecurity has risen to a top priority for the Biden administration. Through her leadership, she’s all about empowering people and building culture. “No asset is more important to this organization than our people. Continuing to attract and retain world-class talent is foundational to mission success and a culture of excellence,” she shared in a blog post about her leadership principles. “This means creating an environment of psychological safety, where people feel like they can be their authentic self; where they feel cared for, supported, empowered, and always treated with dignity and respect; where they feel a sense of ownership for mission; and where they welcome accountability and responsibility for their actions.” While Easterly has a deep list of what she believes makes a successful, vibrant workplace, she said a few things are non-negotiables: “Integrity, honesty, teamwork, and sound judgment are table stakes for our team.”