Nickolous Ward

Cybersecurity Leader of the Year

To combat new cybersecurity threats as the DOJ transitioned to telework, CISO Nickolous Ward and his team “doubled down” on cybersecurity education. The security team needed to enlist all of the DOJ in the fight against spear-phishing and novel cyber threats in the teleworking environment, he said. Despite the challenges, this time of change has given Ward an opportunity to increase cybersecurity’s visibility and awareness. “2020 was the spark that ignited the flame to further modernize how our workforce connects to the enterprise,” he said. Part of that modernization will be relying on more employees to join the DOJ’s mission from outside the Washington, D.C. region. By continuing to telework, Ward sees greater remote work opportunities for the government.

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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