Emery Csulak

Cybersecurity Leader of the Year

The Department of Energy launched its Big Data Platform this year, an accomplishment Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer Emery Csulak said he is most proud of. The platform, which is a space to consolidate cybersecurity sensor data across the department, improves the DOE’s operational visibility. The DOE typically has the capacity to support 30% of its team working remotely. The pandemic, of course, forced Csulak’s team to rapidly scale those capabilities to support an 80% remote workforce. Because the department already had its eye on modernization efforts, the transition was a challenge, but not impossible. “Getting to maximum telework in a matter of weeks was a challenge, but our fundamentals prepared us well. We could not have rapidly moved to effective and secure remote work without the Department’s efforts of laying the right foundation,” he said.

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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