Headshot of person/agency from NSA

Anne Neuberger

Director, Cybersecurity, NSA

Federal Leadership of the Year

While many agencies across the federal government were able to make easy decisions about moving quickly to telework during the COVID-19 pandemic, for the NSA, it was much more complicated, with its sensitive and often secret work. Director of Cybersecurity Anne Neuberger’s team played a key role in advising on the cyberthreats related to the agency’s move to telework. “Like many in the cybersecurity field, we received a huge demand for advice on securing telework systems, which drove a great deal of innovation in unclassified and even classified telework,” she told FedScoop. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Neuberger is hopeful in the technology changes it brought. “COVID collapsed multiple years of technology adoption efforts into months. The shifts to cloud and collaboration platforms bring a great deal of promise for more rapid and agile teamwork across government,” she said. “We have a unique opportunity to also make great leaps in cybersecurity improvements by using the encryption, analytics, and cybersecurity services offered by major cloud providers.”