David Dermanelian

Assistant Commandant for C4IT & CIO, U.S. Coast Guard

After a 34-year career in the Coast Guard, Rear Adm. David Dermanelian retired May 13. He said on the Daily Scoop Podcast recently that as CIO, he must provide the cyber operators the tools to be able to hunt down and isolate bad cyber actors on the network in a much faster cycle than they have done in the past. In terms of laying the groundwork for his successor, he said he’s prepared a set of senior leaders to lean on and help get answers to hard questions, whether they come externally or internally. He also explained that he has to take care of the workforce because they’re what make IT run, adding, no one can empower a person like the Coast Guard be it an E4 or an officer, which is what makes the Coast Guard so special.

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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