Dave Zvenyach

Director, Technology Transformation Services, General Services Administration

Dave Zvenyach returned to the General Services Administration in 2021 at the start of the Biden administration amid a governmentwide focus on digital transformation and enhanced service delivery. Since the administration’s publication of an executive order focused on customer experience, Zvenyach has spearheaded GSA role as a leader in promoting shared digital services on behalf of the greater federal government. “Ultimately, one of the things that we have recognized over the years, and we see this expressed in the executive order, is that it is all too easy for agencies to think about themselves and just sort of say, ‘Well, what does it mean for me?’” Zvenyach told FedScoop. “As opposed to putting the user or the customer in the center of the work. And the executive order really pushes agencies to think about what the user need actually is and to put that squarely into the center.” With the EO, he said he “wants to make sure that when people interact with the government, it’s an opportunity to build trust and to build better experiences with the government.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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