Akash Jain

Global CTO & President of U.S. Government, Palantir

As president of U.S. government business for Palantir, Akash “Aki” Jain leads by focusing on the experiences of those around him — from the end-users in the federal government to the personnel who work in lockstep with him every day. “Our top technology priorities revolve around the end user. It is about ensuring that the work we enable across the federal government improves the work product of the men and women across the civilian, defense, and intelligence communities on a daily basis. We do that by meeting our users where they are – often in the field – to better understand their workflows and challenges, and then leveraging our software platforms to help them go from 0 to 1 as quickly as possible.” Similarly, the status quo isn’t enough to recruit world-class talent to his team at Palantir, he said. “Good leaders ensure that every individual has the space, resources, and confidence to pursue their best ideas with a focus on driving real-world outcomes. More broadly, it is about ensuring that the work is mission- and purpose-driven, and that each member of the team feels a sense of pride and responsibility toward each other and the collective effort.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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