Aaron Weis

Golden Gov: Executive of the Year

Department of the Navy Chief Information Officer Aaron Weis has spent the past year highly focused on modernizing the Navy’s approach to cybersecurity by “pivoting from a compliance mindset to a dynamic model rooted in the philosophy of readiness and currency.” This plan, called Cyber Ready, is backed by a Strategic Intent memorandum from the secretary of the Navy. “Our assertion is that an approach more rooted in how the military views the problem of readiness is a better approach than compliance. Readiness is a wide aperture look at the state of staffing, training, supply chain and logistics that commanding officers strive for every day. Applying this Cyber Ready approach can use the same mindset to solve for the problem of cybersecurity. Cyber Ready is a better way to strengthen the Navy’s cybersecurity.”

Amrita Datar

Written by Amrita Datar

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