Biden signs executive order on customer experience

The order follows the president's management agenda last month, which focused on improving citizens' experience of digital services.
(Gage Skidmore)

President Biden on Monday signed an executive order intended to reshape digital service delivery and customer experience across the federal government.

The order mandates that federal agencies commit to placing citizens’ user experience at the center of everything they do and that departments take actions including piloting new online tools and technologies to provide a “simple, seamless and secure customer experience.”

The EO comes after the Biden-Harris administration last month announced that improving the design of digital services and the customer experience management of high-impact government service providers were among top priorities in the president’s management agenda.

The directive seeks to place the key life events at the center of digital services, in an attempt to redefine citizens’ relationship with the federal government. The order is expected to mention several key touchpoints for citizens, which include: retiring, filing your taxes, surviving a disaster, traveling, financing post-secondary education and accessing VA benefits.


A spokesperson for the Alliance for Digital Innovation said the technology lobby group broadly supported the new order but called on the Biden administration and Congress to support it with funding through structures such as the Technology Modernization Fund and the Federal Citizen Services Fund.

This story was featured in FedScoop Special Report: Transforming Digital Service - Presented by Dell Technologies

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