Army Resumes Enterprise Email Migration

The Army resumed its migration to the Department of Defense’s enterprise email system after halting the project in December to focus on requirements from Congress outlined in the National Defense Authorization Act.

In a report sent to Congress last month, the Secretary of the Army certified that the Army’s acquisition approach is in the best technical and financial interests of the Army.

To date there are approximately 310,000 Joint and Army DOD enterprise email users. SIPRNet migrations will begin in the third quarter of FY1. The Army expects to complete NIPRNET and SIPRNET migrations in the second quarter of fiscal year 2013. Common Access Card holders can view the migration schedule on the NETCOM EE website.

During the pause, the enterprise email team clean-up operations were completed in the continental U.S., the Pacific and Italy. Operational test migrations were conducted in Southwest Asia.


Based on lessons-learned from the past 12 months of operational experience, the Army updated its enterprise email concept-of-operations document, making major improvements to change IT management processes for existing and emerging email-related tactics, techniques and procedures, the Army said.

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