Army Releases Report to Congress on Enterprise Email

The U.S. Army has released the Secretary of the Army’s report submitted to Congress in February discussing the Defense Department’s migration to enterprise email.


Overall, the Department of Defense Enterprise Email solution enhances centralization and eliminates disparate systems, which, in turn, supports the Army’s Business Transformation Plan. It will improve the Army’s security posture, enable standardization of hardware and software, improve configuration control, and centralize administration and support while enhancing financial transparency.

The cost-benefit analysis – which was independently validated by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Cost and Economics, with estimated costs of the alternatives subsequently reviewed by the Army Audit Agency – supports DISA-provided Enterprise Email as the best option among four alternatives (status quo, managed service provided by a commercial vendor, Army Knowledge Online and managed service provided by DISA). The commercial and DISA options best met the validated requirement; of these two, the DISA option is the least costly for the Army to implement.

The Army’s utilization of Enterprise Email is accomplished through an annual Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the Army and DISA, and represents a sound business decision with quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefits to the Army. The Army realizes significant cost savings by leveraging existing Army enterprise license agreements, competitively awarded DISA contracts, and existing DoD and Army networks. The annual nature of the SLA provides the opportunity to periodically review the Enterprise Email selected option and consider alternative service providers.

Full report:



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