Arlington Cemetery to Use Army Geospatial Mapping


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Arlington Cemetary

Officials at Arlington National Cemetery will use an Army-designed geospatial mapping system to manage cemetery operations.

Executive director of the Army National Cemeteries Program Kathryn Condon testified before the House Veterans Affairs Committee’s disability assistance and memorial affairs subcommitee to provide an update on the progress made in rectifying long-standing management problems at Arlington National Cemetery.

“Arlington is no longer a paper-based operation. By producing a single electronic map of Arlington, the staff will assign, manage and track gravesites with an authoritative digital map,” Condon said. “It will allow us to synchronize in real time our burial operations at Arlington.”

The geospatial mapping system allows officials to synchronize burial operations with other daily operations, such as public ceremonies, infrastructure repair, grounds upkeep and public safety activities, Condon said.

The system is linked to Arlington’s interment scheduling system, which allows schedulers to assign gravesites and assign procession routes. It also alerts Arlington staff of other activities in the area, she said.

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