5 civic projects powered by ‘We the People’ data

The White House officially released Wednesday its application programming interface for the “We the People” petition site on Wednesday, something that was developed earlier this year during the first official White House Hackathon.

Here are five civic hacking projects developers worked on at the hackathon:

    • Widget the People: A tool that allows users to search for a petition by headline and then create an embeddable widget that shows how many signatures the petition needs to get an official response.
    • R We the People: A package for the R statistics environment that allows users to load petition data and run ad-hoc analysis and create visualizations.
    • The We the People Petitions app: An iPhone app that lets users monitor the status of petitions and receive updates once a petition they’ve signed receives a response.
    • We the Politics: Visualizes the distribution and potential partisan affiliation of petition signatures by mapping signature zip code data.
    • Pulse: A dashboard that predicts when petitions may cross the 100,000 signature threshold.


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