3 steps to accelerate digital transformation in the public sector

Can the same digital technologies that have transformed the private sector help public agencies improve efficiencies to better serve stakeholders?
Trailblazers in Government, Salesforce

In virtually every industry, companies are using digital technologies such as social, mobile and cloud computing to upend traditional business models and create new ways of meeting consumer needs in an always-on world. The public sector also needs to embrace the use of digital technologies to interact with citizens in entirely new ways.

Jim Green, Senior VP, Government Affairs and Public Policy, Salesforce

According to an IDC study sponsored by Salesforce, 80% of U.S. adults used a smartphone in 2016, while only 45% of government employees used a smartphone and the vast majority still used a desktop computer (81%) over a laptop (70%) or tablet (26%).

Jim Green, senior vice president, government affairs and public policy at Salesforce dives deeper into the challenge government agencies face of meeting the increasing demands of digitally connected constituents and how they want to see interactions with agencies modernize.


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